Travel the World

Day 1: Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake

  Now, there is a story about Mono Lake. Often when I fly into San Jose airport I see a huge, blue and beautiful lake from the plane. One day I decided to find out [...]

My 2015 Road Trip: America’s West

  Finally vacation again! These were absolutely necessary to unwind, refresh, re-asses, refocus on what's important. It was amazing trip spanning 6 States (California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona) and many many National and [...]

Quito and the Amazon Jungle

I found one of my older blog post on another site the other day (Adventure Life Blog) and I figured I should share my Ecuadorian adventures with piranhas, tarantulas, caimans and red howler monkeys with [...]

5 Things To Do in Brussels (and, yes, chocolate)

#1 Grand Place (or Grote Markt) I like the Grand Place. It is a central market square in Brussels, full of tourist traps, but surrounded by typical European guildhalls. It’s beautiful (even in the rain and [...]

8 Surpising things I learned about wine in Napa

I do like wine. But to be quite honest I don't know much about wine. I know when I drink wine whether I like a particular wine or not. And I do like rosé, but [...]

Impression of New York from Brooklyn Bridge

During a recent visit to New York City I walked the Brooklyn Bridge and caught this view of Midtown peeking through the Brooklyn Bridge railing. I softened the image a little and love the ever so [...]