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In this desert life

deep blue skies & land as wide as the eye can see colorless and uninteresting to some vibrant and full of life to me in the dry sands creatures move undetected by most leaves push [...]

Cruise Night 2016 in Glendale, CA

Glendale's 23rd Annual Cruise Night was my first Cruise Night. Over 300 classic cars lined up on Brand Blvd - an awesome sight for a wanna-be photographer like me (and a little bit of a [...]

Half Moon Bay – the windy place

One of the gems of Northern California is indeed Half Moon Bay. From several locations you can reach Half Moon Bay State Park's Coastside Trail that runs along the coast. It's a great trail for hiking, [...]

A fabulous San Francisco Walk

I love being a tourist in San Francisco. The other week I found myself back in the city for a few days with the luxury of a day to myself. So I went for a [...]

Porto’s Bakery – Glendale & Burbank

I walk by Porto's Bakery every morning on my way to work. It's not easy to just walk by and not stop for a treat... Their bakery is filled with the yummiest sweets, from bit-sized treats [...]

Laguna Beach- Lifeguards

Sometimes you just have to be at the beach at the right time...