A Thousand Words

What’s holding you back?

Hesitation - I can probably talk about this for hours. But I'll spare you. Making decisions can sometimes be scary, but NOT making decisions is even scarier. What is holding you back? I often find [...]


"Life", she said, "needs to be enjoyed like a long good meal with conversations and friends". "Take time to watch the butterflies in the garden", she said as she sat with a cup of herbal [...]

In this desert life

deep blue skies & land as wide as the eye can see colorless and uninteresting to some vibrant and full of life to me in the dry sands creatures move undetected by most leaves push [...]

No words needed

words aren't always needed a cup of hot tea given to a someone who is cold a hug given to some who needs a friend a smile given to someone who is scared a meal [...]

When life gives you lemons

sometimes there is no better way than curl up with a good book shut out the world sing your favorite song dance in the bedroom and forget ~tatjana.k When life gives you lemons, dance and [...]

Finding balance in life – 3 questions I am pondering

Last week I attended a womens' networking lunch discussing the topic of work/life balance and how to juggle all the balls in the air. I find this topic fascinating and disappointing at the same time. [...]