What’s holding you back?

Hesitation – I can probably talk about this for hours. But I’ll spare you.

Making decisions can sometimes be scary, but NOT making decisions is even scarier. What is holding you back? I often find it’s self-sabotaging to not decide, jump into the opportunity you see, and walk a new adventurous paths in life.

Fear is often quoted as the one thing that is making us stop following our dreams. Fear of the unknown future, fear of a financial set back, fear of losing what we worked for so far in our lives.

Don’t let fear hold you back!

Don’t wait for things to be perfect to move forward. You will miss magical moments. You will miss aha-moments, moments of surprise and sheer joy. When things are not perfect you will be thriving to make them so every day and learn and learn and learn.

Be prudent and surround yourself with friends and family that support your big decisions. Take small steps rather than none. But by all means move forward!

Don’t spend so much time trying to find the perfect opportunity, that you miss the right opportunity. 

~Michael Dell

(a Daily Prompt post)


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