Day 10: The end of a beautiful journey

As we leave Death Valley in the evening, we pass Highway 395 again. This is where our journey started 10 days ago. You may remember the fire that had just started outside Yosemite Park near Mono Lake. Well, the fire is still raging. It has moved further south. Also, there is another fire even further south at King’s Canyon. And as we drive north on Hwy 395 we see the sun set eerily through the smoke and over the mountains.



The next morning we check what the best route may be across the mountains and back to the Bay Area.

It turns out Highway 120 through Yosemite Park is open and to our surprise smoke-free.


We stop for lunch at Tenaya Lake and enjoy a beautiful lunch view one last time during this trip. We feel blessed that we had such an amazing road trip.


We have been spoiled with breathtaking views for 10 days. And it’s hard to say good-bye to the road.

The only consolation is to know that there are more roads less traveled that are calling our name for a future trip. So until then:

Good night, y’all!


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Day 10: The end of a beautiful journey