Day 7: Grand Canyon – The North Rim

Oh my! This is a trip I nearly missed out on. I have been to the Grand Canyon South Rim a number of times. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. So when we planned this trip, we thought we should skip the Grand Canyon since we have already been there, done that.

Luckily, we changed our minds!

The drive from Kanab to the Grand Canyon takes us through small towns and amazing vistas. Our first stop is at Jacob Lake and we have been told to absolutely stop at Jacob Lake Inn to get cookies. We need a lunch snack, so that’s an easy stop. And all I can say, when you drive to the Grand Canyon North Rim, do stop! Get the cookie in a cloud! Just saying. Don’t say I never told you! The. Best. Cookie. Ever!

Where was I? Oh yes, on the way to the Grand Canyon North Rim. As per our usual routine we ask the park ranger at the entrance, “what is the one thing we shouldn’t miss”? He listed three things: Angel Point, Imperial Point and Cape Royal. That’s a challenge. (I hate it when people don’t follow my instructions: ONE thing not THREE…)

So, off we go. And we get breathtaking views straight away.

Grand-Canyon-3 Grand-Canyon-1

The beauty of the North Rim is that there are trees. Forrests even. On the way to the entrance to the North Rim, we see a huge section that was burned down in a previous wildfire. I am not taking any photos. It is way too sad. But then we arrive at the Grand Canyon and I forget all about the wildfires. One thing stands out. If you have been to the South Rim, you know how crowded it gets. Here at the North Rim, it is quiet. There are very few tourists and most of them are day-hikers. I am falling in love with this part of the Grand Canyon straight away. It is peaceful, quiet and with a raw beauty that I can’t describe.

At the lodge I finally find my first Latte in 7 days, so here is what I do: I am taking a break and sit here with the most perfect view in the world. Coffee breaks will never be the same again

Grand Canyon-4

Now, remember how I complained at the beginning that no one ever listens to me and the park ranger gave me three things to visit instead of one? Now, I am humbled and have to say, “Thank you, Mr Park Ranger! Without your guidance we would never have seen these amazing sights. Thank you!”.

Look at these amazing views (and lucky shots).

Grand-Canyon-6a (2)Grand-Canyon-5

Then at our last stop, Cape Royal, we finally get a glimpse of the Colorado River. Let’s see if you find it, too.


One of the things you should know when you travel with me is that I hear many suspicious noises. And when I say “many” I mean A LOT. And I run and really don’t care if you get eaten by a bear. That’s not quite true. I do care, but preferably from the safety of a car, house, or something…

As we are taking some last shots of the marvelous Grand Canyon, I hear suspicious noises to my right. I look and see ears pointing out between the trees. Before I can even identify the ears, my legs are taking matters in their own hands (or feet?) and take me to the inside of my car. What I learned:

My legs are faster than my brain.

This worries me for many reasons. But let’s just face it, it’s better than getting eaten by a bear.

As I sit in my car and slowly open the car door again, my friend – still at the spot where we took photos next to the suspicious noise – looks at me incredulously, shakes her head and calls me “scary-pants”. I just ran away from a deer…

And here is the photo that I risked my life for..



Good night, y’all!

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